About Enrico Cecilian

A part from being the Head Cook of Restaurant “Biotrattoria ChéFé” in Copenhagen city center, Enrico Cecilian is a man with an innate and strong passion for cooking, full of Italian traditions and lots of aspirations.

His strong interest in everything concerning food and experimenting in the kitchen started back when he was just a child of 5 years old dreaming about becoming a “superhero on the burners” like his grandmother Maria.

The keyword that perfectly describes Enrico Cecilian’s cooking style is “metamorphosis”: he likes to constantly challenge himself and transform his way of expression while daily seeking for new inspirations in&out the kitchen. A curiosity that ranges over 360° it’s a matter-of-fact 

But the turning point for his career correspond to when he had a chance to work with Master Gualtiero Marchesi, the first one able to amplify Italian cuisine introducing it to a new era - the same person from whom every Michelin Chef has been influenced by ever since. Looking back at the past and his work experience with a right dose of criticality, Cecilian now enjoys the rich taste of his creations aware that they can communicate deep emotions and connect to the ones that eat every day at Biotrattoria ChéFé.

My inspiration comes by itself every time in a different way or moment, mostly thanks to the fresh products I am use to buy from our suppliers but also because of my other passion for classic & jazz music and artistic-historic readings. No need to say though, as all creative types, sometimes I happen to wake up in the middle of the night with a brand new idea". 
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