My philosophy

Experiencing and understanding Gualtiero Marchesi’s New Cooking philosophy has definitely left a mark on me and still defines a part of who I am today. While working with him I learnt how to intensify the product in all its aspects and how to reconsider Italian gastronomy mixing it every time with new different elements".

As an Italian Cook expat in Denmark, I must say my cooking philosophy is mostly inspired by both these two cultures and their backgrounds, different but somehow still close to each other.

Denmark cuisine was primary simple and focused on some conservative and easy-to-find in nature ingredients, such as potatoes, fish, pork meat and vegetables. As for the Italian tendency of using the same 4 principal ingredients in every meal, with rice or pasta in addition to that.

Nowadays, the Danish cuisine has enhanced its own view, focusing more on the well-known New Nordic Kitchen where all ingredients embrace their own origin, purity and simplicity together with lots of new creative combinations of flavors & seasonings, while the Italian one keeps its old and famous traditions matching them with the use of new international pieces - soy, avocado or coriander for example.
No need to say these past few years I have been really fascinated by this combo: the warm soul of Italian kitchen that makes you always feel at home, and the Danish capability to match raw food together with some "far away" dressings or spices. It has definitely leaded me to experiment with lots of new recipes and dishes.

Based on my personal experience, here's a little example of how these two traditions could be so close to one another but still so different, starting from the way to eat & cook the same elements.  

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One last thing, I prefer to be called "CUOCO" (cook in English), not to the French manier, "chef de cuisine".